Tower Services


Ionos Communications provides quality tower services throughout South Texas at affordable rates. We are fully licensed, insured and qualified to work on all types of communications towers and equipment.




Ionos Communications provides the following services:

  • Installation of broadcast antennas for radio and TV.
  • Installation and commissioning of STL transmitter and receiver antennas.
  • Installation of point- to- point wireless audio/video transmitters.
  • Installation of point- to- point wireless Ethernet bridges.
  • Tower lighting and re-lamping including sidelights, beacons, and flashers. (We also stock tower bulbs.)
  • Foundation, cable management, and grounding system design.
  • Coax terminations, assemblies and installations. (N-type, SMA, TNC, DIN, UHF, PL259)
  • Site surveys, path analysis, and site inspections.
  • Tower stripping, sealing and painting.
  • Tower repairs (Broken guy wires, broken cross members, etc)
  • Safe tower removal and disposal.
  • Construction of light, medium, and heavy duty guyed communication towers.
  • Construction of self- supporting towers.
  • Construction of monopole towers.
  • Construction of communication shelters.
  • Non- penetrating rooftop installations.
  • Antenna and line Troubleshooting utilizing Anritsu sweep gear.


Service contracts are available for routine tower maintenance at discounted rates. Special pricing is available for non-profit and religious radio and television broadcasters. We are available 24/7 for all of your tower needs.