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Ionos Communications is willing to go "Above and Beyond" other service providers. In this photo, we are installing a new 2 way radio antenna for the US Military.




Ionos Communications
P.O. Box 60844
Corpus Christi, TX 78466
PH: 361-887-6700
FAX: 361-887-6701




Services offered by Ionos Communications


Tower Services

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Ionos Communications is the leading provider of tower services in South Texas. We have a fully certified, licensed, and insured crew on staff and able to handle all your tower needs.  Click here for info.



Outdoor Wireless Solutions

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No one installs more enterprise wireless solutions, in South Texas, than Ionos Communications. Out staff has all the training and equipment necessary to make your wireless deployment go smoothly. With thousands of successful wireless deployments under our belt, no one does it better.  More Info.



Structured Cabling / Plant Cabling / Data and Voice

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Tired of getting the same old excuses from your cabling company. Ionos Communications provides Data and Voice cabling solutions that are both affordable and solution oriented. We are the experts for the "hard to cable" situations, and have a wide variety of flexible solutions. From CAT6 to Fiber we run, terminate, and test it all.  More Info.



Indoor Wireless Solutions

Today's office environments are fast paced and competitive, and having the technology to keep your office personnel on task, can be quite a juggling act. Having the flexibility of an inter-office WiFi solution, gives you total office movement without the need for wires. More Info.