Wireless Solutions





Outdoor Fixed Wireless Solutions
Businesses with multiple locations need high-bandwidth inter-network connections. Data service providers want to expand into new areas with new services. Medical facilities want to add new offices. School campuses want to connect new campus locations or upgrade connectivity between existing campus locations. Yet the budget for expansion of any kind is limited, and service provider competition is fierce making time to market a key concern. All of these examples demand a robust infrastructure to backhaul today s burgeoning voice and data traffic loads. To add capacity to any network, wireless technology provides an inherently flexible and scalable alternative to fiber or leased lines and can be installed in a fraction of the time. Best of all, wireless technology has a documented payback of less than a year. Our medium and high-capacity wireless solutions enable business owners to meet their companies growing needs for bandwidth, coverage, and mobility. Quick and affordable to
deploy, our wireless solutions provide secure voice and data connections that are completely scalable, secure, offer carrier-class reliability, and are unaffected by harsh environmental conditions.
Ionos Communications designs, installs, and maintains wireless systems throughout South Texas. Our customers include law firms, security agencies, government offices, educational campuses, and medical facilities. We strive to provide the right solutions at the right price.

The Ionos Advantage:

  • Connect remote sites together to share network resources.
  • Significantly cut operation expenditures by eliminating fiber and leased line costs.
  • Add network capacity within hours not weeks.
    Easily scale up to meet growing traffic demands.
  • Enterprise solutions provide carrier- class reliability 99.999% uptime.
  • Overcomes challenging environmental barriers to connectivity.
  • Solutions are available in point to point and point to multipoint configurations.
  • Unlicensed wireless solutions provide fast deployment with no licensing fees.
  • Upgrade to licensed wireless solutions to overcome noisy RF environments.

With Ionos Communications, your wireless network can grow in all directions. Adding capacity or extending your network into new areas is simple when you work with Ionos Communications - because we are the premier wireless solutions provider in South Texas.

Point- to- Point FSO (Laser):
Ionos Communications can also provide point- to-point FSO (laser) solutions. FSO rides on beams of light, and does not require a license. FSO can achieve speeds up
to 2.5gbps and is very cost effective, but is limited to short distances due to weather conditions here in South Texas. Connect offices across roads and streets to share resources or perform offsite backups. Share internet, phones, printers, servers, and other inner-office resources. Since all FSO solutions ride on waves of light, the light waves must be focused and tuned, making these links very secure. Ionos Communications has solutions available from 10mbps to 2.5gbps. FSO solutions include all the same services as our Point-to-Point Microwave Solutions.


Installation and Tower Services:
Wireless communications all require line of sight or near line of sight in order to achieve link. Sometimes rooftops are just not high enough or inaccessible. Professional installation of a wireless solution is always recommended. Ionos Communications can handle all of your installation and tower needs. Whether it is an installation on an existing rooftop, tower, or building a new tower, we can do it . Don't risk life and limb trying to do it yourself. Let our trained professionals do it for you.