Secure Office WiFi Solutions




Today's office environments are fast paced and competitive, and having the technology to keep your office personnel on task, can be quite a juggling act. Having the flexibility of an inter-office WiFi solution, gives you total office movement without the need for wires. Take network resources freely throughout the office to share and interact with other office personnel. Print, surf, and access the company network from anywhere in the office. Available in HIPPA compliant solutions for medical offices, and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) solutions for corporate enterprises and financial institutions.

The health care industry in particular has huge amounts to gain from effectively implementing WiFi. Migrating doctors and nurses to writing prescriptions digitally could eliminate mistakes with misread or mistaken prescriptions. Equipping hospital staff with personal digital assistants linked to a wireless network would be able to place vast amounts of knowledge at their fingertips. Dosages and diagnoses could be double checked or verified on the fly. Paperwork could be nearly eliminated. And this is only one small slice of one very large field.

Large corporations have several field officers and management personal that are always on the move. Being connected at remote offices is a valuable tool for these types of
positions. WiFi can provide seamless connectivity between offices from location to location without the need to utilize a wired workstation. Just open your laptop and connect without any reconfiguration. Be connected and online at any of your office locations.

Weekly meetings can be more productive with a WiFi enabled conference room. Check real time inventory, sales growth, production and product availability all wirelessly from the conference room table.

Ionos Communications provides secure office WiFi solutions throughout South Texas at affordable rates. From small office locations to large county hospitals, we have the technology and the expertise to provide the right solution for your company. Give us a call, and find out how your company can start increasing production today.